Manners: My Bubble

I don’t remember the first time I talked about “my bubble.”  It might have been middle school.  I do know I remember in my young-childhood-life the adults who invaded my bubble space and my reactions to them.  Most of them were church-people, well-meaning, and loving people in many ways. But as extroverted adults, some of… Continue reading Manners: My Bubble

Manners: Why we need Feminism for Men

I could easily talk about Nice Guys, but this guy does a good job of it. I’ll have to write up my explanation of Schrödinger’s Rapist another day because I don’t like that imagery (although there is something important about reminding men to respect women’s boundaries!). There is also a lot to be discussed around intersectional priviledge, but again there is a great walk-through for that discussion (in my opinion).

There is one thing I think so many of these discussions are forgetting …